Shipping policy

If you really want to read about how we ship, there's a whole bunch of information below, which Khaled spent a lot of time working out for the ones like him that just HAVE to know everything about the time it takes to ship, will it be impacted by Hurricane Voldemort, and will he be able to use his new headphones by Thursday for his guy's night gaming session. 

Here's Tasneem's 1 sentence explanation before that: We use DHL Express everywhere, because they are fast, they treat the clothes nice, and they don't lie to her when she calls on your behalf to yell about it being impacted by Hurricane Voldemort. (Khaled added in a joke about DHL not being the boy who lived.)


We can deliver to most countries around the world in a reasonable time frame depending on your location in relation to Kuwait.

Shipping is KD 2 within Kuwait up to 5 Kilograms. International shipping is calculated based on the number of items and weight of the total package being shipped. The final shipping charges will be displayed at checkout, for you to approve before placing the order. HIND reserves the right after speaking with our forwarding agent to revise the shipping charges if the standard international shipping rate does not meet the courier's fees.


Kuwait 2 days  
Middle East 4 days
Europe 5 days
Americas 7 days
East Asia & Australasia 7 days

Note: Days mentioned are working days, therefore excluding Fridays and Saturdays in the Middle East (affecting Order Filling & Shipping in Middle East), and Saturdays and Sundays (Shipping Internationally).


Delivery time frames are an approximation depending on a smooth transition of your package through customs. We cannot predict or be responsible for your country's customs procedures or delays.

All orders require a signature upon receipt and our shipper will not deliver your package without a signature. Delays can also occur due to your unavailability to sign for your package or to pay for the required customs and taxes needed upon delivery.

We are not able to redirect any shipments once they leave our warehouses, so please make sure that you or someone representing you will be available at the address that you first instructed us to ship to.

All shipments are insured by HIND until they reach your delivery address and you or your representative signs for their receipt which automatically transfers all responsibility for the package to you and your representative.

All purchases do not include local Customs charges, therefore courier may require further customs fees on delivery as per local rates.

We cannot deliver to PO Boxes.

In the case that our shipper cannot deliver your package to the address you have given us and has to return the package back to HIND, the customer will be liable for all expenses incurred including but not limited to duties, taxes, return shipping charges. These expenses will be deducted from any refund.

Upon receipt of any package, the customer must check that it has not been tampered with or opened before signing. In the case that the box has been opened or is in poor condition, it is the responsibility of the customer to inspect the contents of the box and reconcile any differences to the invoice included in the package. Customer should then sign for the package noting any discrepancies with our shipper and inform us of this by email at