Jioni Bag

32 KWD
By Dada

This bag, that can double as a storage space in your home, was handcrafted by a colorful and utterly captivating group of 45 mothers and grandmothers belonging to the Tharacka-Nithi Tribe in Meru, East of Mount Kenya. 

Their crocheting is traditional to this tribe, where they follow no pattern, and the complexity and advanced techniques require immense focus and concentration, the epitome of being handcrafted.

The group is all paid directly at all stages of their work, providing them with a regular wage all year round. Dada Duka provides them with all their wool, in addition to other necessities to help, such as glasses, crocheting equipment and even mobile phones to stay connected. 

Enjoy these beautiful pieces and the feeling of helping secure knowledge of craftsmanship that has been around for generations.

  • Handcrafted in Kenya
  • Transitions well through all seasons
  • Due to the handmade nature of the product, may have variations
  • Machine washable on delicate, 30 degrees
  • After washing, please reshape by hand and air dry afterwards