Part of the love we have for the brands we work with is that they work hard to try and be authentic, whether through their craftsmanship, their methods or cuts, or their take on designs. 

That's not something easy to stick with in fashion, which you can see quite easily on accounts like Diet Prada or Diet Sabya, who love to call out high street and high fashion houses for stealing the designs, prints and ideas of smaller fashion designers and labels.

It's not a concept alien to the fashion industry, or business in general, where an entrepreneur will come up with an idea, open their business, and an unoriginal hack will say "Hey, they can do it, so can I!" and then open a store right next door.

The problem with these copycat, copy paste, "me too" businesses is they have no authenticity, and that means they don't really care about their partners, their customers, or the brand values they think they can quickly make a buck on. Sort of like fast fashion in general.

That's why we only work with partners that share the same values as we do, and we've had to make some tough calls sometimes, because business is business, but trust is also trust, and without trust you can't have good business.

For our copypasta's, we tend to say "OK, last season" or "old stock" or just plain laugh that they can't be original without going through our designer directory. If we shut our doors, what list of designers would they try contacting? That's when we take a deep breath and remind ourselves that we must be doing something right, or else they wouldn't try so hard to imitate us (poorly). And then Khaled curses them out for being an unoriginal copycat *******.

As long as we keep focused on what we know you want, and they are focused on us, that means they aren't really ever going to catch up, because they will always be a step behind. You don't have to be the first to be original, but you do have to innovate! Tesla didn't make the first electric car. But it was original.

Imitation is the sincerest form of mediocrity.


February 13, 2021 — Khaled Alramly


Diana said:

I absolutely agere with You
I also beleave in the importance to support desappearing hand crafts and skilled craftsmanship ,there fore I always try to buy hand made clothes made with hand woven textiles
The have a life of their own.They are unique and timless.

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